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materialize 512x512 issue


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so , Id heard from a video that 1024x1024 should be the lowest resolution to use with materialize . Anyway things were looking good then I ran into this . Im not a 100 % certain but it appears to be related to using the program with 512x512 images . In case anyone is not aware .


I scaled the image to 1024x1024 with GIMP , re-ran it through Materialize and .it did great .

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They probably resize the image within their program and the image has transparency and by resizing an image with transparency the border gets interpolated and therefore the transparency gets fucked up.

Image edit algorithms interpolate in resizing and next to the border there is nothing, so they interplate the image with nothing and you get an ugly line of not seamless pattern.

Sounds complicated, but that way you can tell them already what they may be doing wrong.

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maybe I spoke too soon . I just tried to to duplicate the problem and couldnt . I didnt really try many things , I was trying to make some fake specular like highlights . i used thresh hold and levels in gimp trying to isolate some highs to use for the macro map . I dont recall doing anything at all with alpha or transparency though . Maybe it sort of hiccuped as my technisc proved to be intolerable ? the 512s Ive used today have looked great . I feel kind of as someone who has made a false accusation . sorry

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