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Hello World 2.0!

Ron Kapaun

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Uhm, ok.... not sure if the response was good or bad overall :-) but, yeah. I am here and happy to see these forums take off a bit. Now, I am OFF.... to start a new thread. Got an idea and I want some feedback. By the way, happy to be here and thanks everyone and NO... I will NEVER use the Hello Kitty skin. Though I do look good in pink :mrgreen:


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Hey all,

Moving over too, I've been kinda stalking the GG forums for a while, doing little projects myself as nothing major to fo, and just tinkering mostly as time's pretty limited lately. Its pretty much dead there now... majority of new posts is handbag spam... A fresh start at a community is probably what torque needs, but it will need to be pushed and promoted so that people realise this is here along side the gg forums.

This is probably what I personally needed to get back into things myself too.

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