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ShapeBaseImageData : firstperson = false, broken?


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Interesting question, I have iron sight aiming for weapons that duplicates the weapon datablock and in the iron sight version firstperson is set to false, but it does not seem to do anything, or I forgot what it does.

Maybe it is broken, did you look into the source code what it actually does?

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I meant to look into the actual C++ source code, but I'm too lazy and not that good of a programmer to see what the issue is there.

How I solved it for aiming is, that you zoom, which moves the gun out of the field of view, so it is basically gone and if not the rest is covered with a black gui and a crosshair overlay that covers most of the screen except the center.

And for regular iron sight weapons without scope zoom, the weapon is still rendered but moved infront of your eyes.

That was good enough as a workaround for me, alternatively you can use an empty model or maybe no model at all.

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for what it's worth, firstperson = false flips things on so that the third person model is used for rendering purposes instead of the first person model file, so if you want something not showing in first, but showing in third, hiding it would be part of the first person animation.

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