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Armor resource?

Jason Campbell

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Just because I'm being sort of lazy, I was wondering if there is an Armor resource that anyone knows about. I can't seem to find one but I would have imagined that it would be a common thing. Just apply damage only if the armor is gone.

I'm sure it will be easy but was just wondering if anyone has seen a simple armor resource.


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I just search for armor resource on the main forum page . I remembered some recent interest in the same resource .. I think there may something interesting concerning tanks or the like .




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Yes I think I have something like this. The question is more what you want exactly, since what you are describing is more like a shield instead of armor. An armor would only remove a certain amount of damage in a certain location, but a shield will absorb all damage until the shield is gone, then the player is damaged.

I looked through my code and I seem to have locational damage modifiers, which give different damage amounts based on where the player is hit, then I have a shield system, which is probably what you want and I have a damage scale system, which removes a certain amount of damage depending on the damage type (explosion, fire, bullet etc) which would be more like armor system.

Shield system is at line 431 here https://github.com/Duion/Uebergame/blob/master/scripts/server/shapeBase.cs

You can search the rest of my code for keywords "shield" and "damagescale". I don't know if or how it works, since I don't have it in use, it is one of those many unused/unfinished features I have in my code for some reason.

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