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Where are the "graphics quality" sim groups defined?


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I'm in the process of re-doing the options gui and while I've been able to figure out how 90% of it works but I cannot find where the sim groups that contain the graphics quality preference level array objects that are used in scripts/gui/optionsGui.cs are defined. I am talking about MeshQualityGroup, TextureQualityGroup,LightingQualityGroup,and ShaderQualityGroup. I've searched a ton of the scripts and have yet to find out where these are defined. I don't necessarily want to change them it just bothers me that I can't find them. Anyone know?

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All that it does is change $pref values that are defined in the engines code, you can add anything to those array groups or just remove them all and have the user directly change the $pref values, but that may be too complicated to understand for most people, that is why there are groups with "low", "medium" and "high" etc.

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