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Need some help I get an error


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Hi I'm compiling a version I had a have, but when I compile I get this message

error LNK1104: cannot open file 'C:\Torque3D\My Projects\myrpg\game\myrpg V2_DEBUG.lib' C:\Torque3D\My Projects\myrpg\buildFiles\VisualStudio 2010\projects\LINK myrpg V2

I'm using Torque3D-3.5.1 because thats what the rpg game I'm making using it.

What dose this mean and how do I fixs it

please help thanks :)

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The current way to compile the engine is with Cmake which you just point to the source code files, the build files that come with the template are out of date I think.

I don't know out of my head if Torque 3.5.1 still used the project manager or not, but anyway I would consider updating the engine, it will help you more in the long run.

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