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Projects in Dev with TGE/TGEA?


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Was browsing this forum section and got to thinking. It seems "Old School 3D" is becoming popular again as a nostalgia-driven style.

I think games like

, based on the Build 2 engine, and "
", based on a branch of the original Quake engine (among others) are filling a niche. They're reminding long-time gamers, and introducing newer gamers to the idea that "bleeding edge graphics and tech" aren't required for a fun game.

What was associated with "obsolete tech" for several years seems to now be considered an actual style/aesthetic; not unlike how 2D pixel-art games did. Such titles can probably be made for significantly less $$$ as well.

That considered, I think TGE and even TGEA could play a solid role here.

Though you can't buy new licenses anymore, I know there are people who own and "never left" TGE, or even TGEA. I'm curious if any of those people read/post here, and if they could share their current projects?

Would love to see what people are creating with either TGE or TGEA.

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Thanks for your support mitovo. That is why I had Torque3d create this forum thread.

I use TGE 1.4 primarily for my projects. I am working on one now that should be completed within three months. Johnny Trouble. I also plan on releasing through YouTube a series of videos describing my experiences with the engine.

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