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Waterplane soundAmbience


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Yes, probably broken. Torque3D seemed to use a proprietary sound system before, but it had to be removed for it to be open source and there are still some things left from the old sound system in the code. I think it was called "FMOD" and it was used for all the ambient sound effects including the underwater one, so you need to develop an open source replacement for it or invent some workaround.

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]you might try this . The only thing weird is when I check the object "audioAmbienceUnderWater" , using , audioAmbienceUnderWater.dump() , its soundtrack field was empty so i added the the soundTest track in the Audioambiences file then executed the file in the console , rechecked and it then showed soundTest in the field But , when I exit the game and restart it the field is again empty and I have to exec() the file again . ?? Anyhow this worked for the audioAmbience for a waterPlane usind ver 3.10





datablock SFXProfile(SoundTest) // ------OOPS edit I'd put in TestSound


filename = "art/sound/envrionment/amb.ogg";// ---------or whatever file you have

description = AudioLoop2D;

preload = true;












singleton SFXAmbience( AudioAmbienceUnderwater )


environment = AudioEnvUnderwater;

soundtrack = "soundTest";//---------------------------Add a track to this file+++++++++++++++++

states[ 0 ] = AudioLocationUnderwater;


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I think it is the environment sound effects that do not work, because they require FMOD. The environment sound effect are not a file that is played, but they modify how all sounds sound, it is an important thing sometimes in game design to have a cave sound like a cave or a hallway sound like a hallway. But I'm not sure how it works, I only know those from other engines, like Half-Life for example.

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Exponential Falloff implementation is put here:


The reverb was added also in a pull request that i think is in the development branch of the engine now so you can put different effect types into environment triggers that will produce different types of reverb to emulate environment types in all sounds being played.

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