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Clean-up of the issues and PR's on the repo


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So, @Happenstance made this post describing the staleness of the current repository over at https://github.com/garagegames/torque3d

I asked around and got some background, @JeffR has write-access but GG still owns that repository. As a result, @JeffR can't give other people write-access, which means he's the only one that can merge PR's, close issues, assign labels etc. basically we can do nothing.

Therefore we need to migrate to a new repository, an organization has been made for this purpose: https://github.com/Torque3D but we need to migrate any PR's and issues that are still relevant and close any issues that are no longer relevant.

@JeffR doesn't have time for this, so it falls on the community to lift this task if we want any progress on this. In the previously mentioned thread, it seems that there is a general request for having more people included in the general work is being done, so here is your chance to contribute back to the community!

I have created a Google Sheets document here:


Please review as many issues as you can and report which should be migrated in the Google Sheets.

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Finally someone doing something.

Regarding the migration, I would just manually copy and past it over, it seems like a lot of monotonous work, but when you spend too much time figuring out how to do it better, your way to do it better takes more effort.

Now would be the ideal time, to reset the repo, since Git saves everything in the history, the repo gets bigger and bigger, now as you make a lot of changes it will get even bigger and so on.

You could remove the art files from the repo, pack them somewhere else, so that the engine repo is code only and not big binary assets. The Soldier alone is 75MB and the art shapes folder 180MB, you could just throw that out. Sure you need some graphic files for GUI and default textures for all the things, but they are not the problem.

The problem now is how to replace the assets, since we would need a dummy like the blue guy, b ut if you have not art ready, I would suggest to just put a box in as placeholder for a player character.

Now is the time to re-design things, since you are throwing everything over board now anyways regarding design decissions, why not clean up the art assets as well, or at least put them in a different repo.

It is not that essential, but I like to have things nice, clean and efficcient.

By the way, is there a test version, like a pre-compiled binary with pre-installed template, that you can just copy and launch to test? Usually I use my existing project, update it and test it, but I use the old template, which does not exist anymore and now I have no idea how to do that.

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Alternatively one could try and gain control over the Garagegames repository, since it has all the stars and followers or whatever, but I do not know how relevant that on Github is, but on social media this is very relevant. Even if the account creator does not exist anymore or can be traced down, it may still be recovered as I did with the Moddb account, where the official creator has long disappeared.

Question is, if it would make sense to do so, however I would still prefer resetting the repo in a cleaned up version on a new account and leave the original Garagegames repo for reference for older issues and code change history.

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https://github.com/Areloch/Torque3D/ working branch at time of writing. (may end up moving that to a fork on https://github.com/Torque3D/Torque3D, and from a quick look, already did so as of a couple days back). That'd be where most of those 'resolved' tags came from.

according to the discord pinned list (again, https://discord.gg/zSeWPfu is where we do the live chat and file toss around),




for prebuilt binaries.

The general consensus seems to be not to use the garage games repo so folks stop getting the impression they should bug garage games themselves for fixes since they aren't doing the maintenance or upgrades.

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Status Update

All the marked issues have been migrated:


In case anyone is interested, I used the following piece of Go to migrate:


So the next steps are:

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