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Psychological Experiment


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Let me translate: " the absence of certain forum content" means "censorship" so you are advocating for censorship.

And no censorship does not spur development, it does the exact opposite.

Look at communist countries, they usually have the most rigid control and censorship and they are also the most stagnant and backwards countries that exist.

Free speech and free market are the key to progress and wealth.

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He is free to run his forums how he sees fit. If you disagree with how they are run, you are free to not utilize them.


Yes I do not disagree with that, he is free to run his own communist platform with full censorship of anything he does not like.

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You mean censorship? So you say that I am not allowed to say anything bad about communism?


That isn't what nuance is Duion. Likening not being rude in online forum posts to living in a communist run society shows a level of black and white thinking that is wildly detached from reality.

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I'm not detached from reality, communism is detatched from reality, look at North Korea. You only become detatched from reality, if you stop perceiving reality as what it is, which is the case when censorship is applied.

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usually, its Americans who are misguided about communism and believe the freedom of speech is god-given and absolute, such erroneous thinking rarely extends to EU zone nations which have certain levels of hate speech laws (like or not) and public order laws (again, like or not) that force people to not be rude without consequence.

So that's how it works, freedom, of speech or otherwise is not absolute, not even in the USA, certainly not on the internet, you do not have to like it, but that is reality and that's the reality you have to deal with, I mean it's not like you have no options either, you can just

a) let it slide

b) escalate (seems to be the favourite of the entitled twerps of the internet)

c) Improvise, Adapt, Overcome

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