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NavPath / NavMesh problems


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Trying to learn to use navmesh and navpath, but I keep getting this error.

"No NavMesh polygon near visit point (105.3, 88.7, 513.094) of NavPath 21142"

There are indeed blue navmesh polygons around it according to the editor.

This is all that is needed to create a navpath from script right?


]%navPath1 = new NavPath()


mesh = Nav;

from = %demoAI.getPosition();

to = NavTest.getPosition();



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If I try to tell my bot to just move directly to a location he just runs into a mountain and does not navigate.... is there something I am forgetting in order to get the bot to acknowledge the NavMesh? Because in the navigation editor if I spawn the test bot and click around at various points that one works great.

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Yes, exactly setPathDestination vs setMoveDestination, I have a fallback in case my bots cannot find a navMesh, then they will automatically fall back to setMoveDestination, so they will work in any environment.

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