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A simple compass system


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Forgive me for being late, I was offline for a long time. I took the time to create some things with TorqueScript ... I share with you a simple Compass system that I created using few lines of code and a lot of math. lol

The compass


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Nicely done!

Thank you my brother.


Good progress on your scripting skills and understanding of the engine! :)

Thank you very much man. After I finished this system, I felt tremendous sastifaction. I believe that every programmer feels when solving an almost "impossible" problem.

I am very happy to work with the torque3D HUD and UI. I have other projects that I have already completed, in the future I will share with you.


Keep up the good work!

Thank you very much man. I am very impressed with your work. You have a talent for creating beautiful scenarios (with incredible graphics).

Invest in your talented guy ... One day, we will work together (as partners).

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Now you need to make it look nice, it should be more subtle, look at how other games do it, like Skyrim for example, which not only uses it as a compass, but also for quest markers. I'm not a fan of helper GUIs such as compass or quest markers, if you really need or want them, ideally you integrate them into the game somehow, for example that the compass is drawn on a compass object you hold in your hand, but this is advanced stuff even most modern games do not have, but if you can master that, you are probably one of the best.

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