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windows transparency


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I have an issue trying to get transparent levels to work in my game level. I want to create windows in my buildings.

I'm using Gimp to create the textures, Trenchbroom and Constructor to create the levels, and finally TGE 1.4 for the game!

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So what is the issue? Maybe an image? If you are using TGE we cannot really give you exact support, since most are using Torque3D. The issue with windows is really about chosing the right blending algorithm for your case.

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The most elegant solution is probably to use a dirty window texture that uses alpha threshhold and then use a cubemap for reflection, that way you don't have to deal with the issues that come with the different transparency methods. I think the Chinatown Demo does it that way.

Simple solution is just to use a transparency method with any texture that looks remotely glassy.

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