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LevelName.postfxpreset.cs is not loaded automatically


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How is LevelName.postfxpreset.cs loaded?

Because I made some changes in my game ... The levels are no longer in the "levels /" folder, but in "models / levels".

After the change everything worked fine, but now when entering the level the postfxpreset is not loaded automatically.

Any light?

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Use a text editor that can search the whole project. I use one called Atom. Search for the filename. In the console, it seems to load with the PostFX manager?


Yes yes ... The PostFX manager configuration works (I save the preset). The problem is that when I left the level and try to enter again, the preset that was saved is not loaded (since I applied it previously). Even if the preset is renamed correctly ... when entering the level, the preset is not loaded.

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I was a bit hesitant to post this because if some standard exists to activate the

postfxpreset file , I do not know what it is . ok

in the .mis file I add a property to "TheLevelInfo" which I call pfx , the value is the

path to the postFXpreset file

like this

just examples-

pfx = "./levels/postFXpresets/somefile.postFXpreset"


pfx = "./levels/konserian/konserian.postfxpreset.cs"

then in the file


function onMissionDownloadComplete()

i add these




volFogControl(); //-- see following for explanation


Also , in in one of my levels I use volumetric fog which was being disabled after

applying the postFx so i added a function named volfogControl which I call after

applying the postFX .For this I add another variable to the "theLevelInfo which I

call volfog and give it the string value of the volumetric fog

volfog = "lakeFun01Volfog01";

I added this function to the same file


function volfogcontrol()


%volfog = theLevelInfo.volfog;

//echo("++++VOLFOG = " @ %volfog);

if(thelevelinfo.volfog !$= "")


echo("--------TURN ON VOLUMETRIC FOG----volFogControl-" @ %volfog);

%volfog.hidden = true;

%volfog.hidden = false;




Like I said , I just try to make things work so , just disregard any comments ,

I use them to help me solve little problems . And if you find any of it to be

ridiculous , I'd only benefit to now what it is .

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Btw putting levels into models/levels is a stupid idea, it makes no sense, but it should not make any difference where the levels are, I think the function searches for the levelname with the suffix postfxpreset.cs and if not then change the function to do that.

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