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cs.dso files explained ?


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Hello, I'm extremely new at the whole gaming dev thing. Since corona came around I assumed why not pick up on something I've always been so interested in, sorry if this is such a simple of dumb question. so I have an old server to a game that's on my PC its a editing server and I'm just messing around for a fun project. I wanna import a NPC from the game from that server into torque or blender just to edit them on my own.

The NPC has a .cs.dso file name and I can't seem to import it anywhere. Can someone explain this file to me and how I can open these files in Torque and also different programs?? thank you sorry for the dumb question.

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The .dso files are the compiled script files (.cs) they are a binary format that is intentionally designed to not be edited like every other commercial software.

So if you have a commercial game you are not likely going to be able to import the scripts or assets and edit them.

You can try to do it anyway using one of several decompile methods, but that is strictly speaking not legal.

If you have the source code of the game, then you have to use the source files for editing, otherwise I would just suggest forget what you were trying to do.

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If I understand correctly , Id suggest making sure that the directory tree of the NPC matches the original structure from which the CS.DSO is taken , such as , if the original structure is rootFolder/art/shapes/characters/NPC/npc.dts then provide that structure in the new environment creating whatever folder/s you need . Your t3d should read the dso and if things are in place , then maybe it'll work . However you may need to make sure that other related to the object , if any , are in place like tires , weapons , animations etc as well as datablock dso or script /server file etc If you've got the time to loose , in case it doesn't work , you could try these things . You can put the DSO and model and things in place and then check the log for messages concerning the object you are working on . good luck , let us know how it goes . as Duion said , there may be legal issues concerning the copyright of the asset or of its stuff , but ,you know , dont sell it till youre sure .

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