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4.0-RC Now supports C# interop!


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Hi guys,

Just a quick update. My PR has recently been merged with 4.0 so it now supports C# interop!

I'm still working on a separate branch for the C# projects, mostly because I'm looking at CMake integration.

I have a new working example: https://github.com/lukaspj/T3DSharp-CoinCollection

It now closely resembles working with stock T3D modules like the FPSGameplay, there is a how-to in the README.

It runs off of this special branch: https://github.com/lukaspj/Torque3D/tree/feature/csharp-cmake-csproj-style

Which does two things:

  • Renames TorqueScript file extension from .cs to .ts
  • Adds a C# Module to CMake


With these two changes, it should be fairly more stream-lined to get up-and-running with C# in Torque3D

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