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What is the best version of torque to start working?


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There are some resources to be found how to do art, scripting and all on these forums; that keep you occupied for some time.

Try these old tutorials on youtube (if that works in Cuba)....

The latest stable version is 3.10 go here and download a compiled version; for windows right?


117MB zip file, that may take some time in your country

If you're truly all new to game engines, editors and all I strongly advise you to try Godot as well.

It has a bright future and a quite active community to help you out. It's also free and open source


Good luck!

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Hey, @shadowMaker3697 and welcome!

If possible, you can join the Discord if you need some more direct and quick response to some of your questions here!

Regarding the vs2015 offline installer, you don’t need visual studio per se, but it’s certainly the easiest way to compile the engine.

You can use a newer version if you get your hands on it, doesn’t have to be 2015 version.

However if you don’t need to modify the source code, you can go pre-built binaries and scripting instead as well! It’s a much quicker way to get started with T3D.

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