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Android Studio x86_64 compiler problem


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Hello, I use a modified torque2d and got android studio work. It build fine for x86 and armeabi-v7a. But when I add x86_64 build it does not like the offset macro anymore.

I've played around with the ifdef's for gcc but no luck so far and I don't understand the problem at the moment.On :


addField("actionName", TypeString, Offset(mActionName, UndoAction),..

i get: error: cast from pointer to smaller type 'int' loses information

I defined the macro for x86_64/android to:

#define Offset(x, cls) ((dsize_t)(&((cls *) 1)->x) - 1)


because the following replacement works:


addField("actionName", TypeString, ((dsize_t) (&((UndoAction *) 1)->mActionName) - 1),...


for me the macro and the test replacement, which works, looks equal.

Edit: I also changed the dsize_t typedef in types.arm.h:

#if defined(__x86_64__) || defined(__x86_64)
typedef unsigned long long dsize_t;
typedef unsigned long  dsize_t;

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