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Hello, is torque 3D codeless?


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I think codeless features, on the whole, are useful for rapid prototyping, but genuinely hurt new developers/aspiring game devs in the long run as it often hides the true mechanics behind the system, at the same time they introduce often very badly optimised methods for doing things.

That said, the guys have made some good strides into making the engine more accessible and friendly over the past couple of years, with suggestions that more is to come for various parts, node graphs etc, and when these are in place I suspect more developers will enhance features by creating node graph systems for all manner of in-engine features.

So I guess really the answer right now is no, and some more assistive features are coming, but I honestly believe your best bet is to grab the engine and see what you can do, there are many things you can do with some pretty simple scripting, data and code can be written in pretty small and concise parts, not all code is long and complicated :)

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