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GuiControl group calls system


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I have build a simple system to allow updates of multiple GuiControl at same time that are part of the same group. It works by setting a guiGroup properties to any GuiControl that represent a group of GuiControls that share the same functions. For example, if you have multiple GuiPopUpMenuCtrl that share the same listed items, you can update them all by setting a common GuiGroup field. Here's a sample of how it work to add all Datablocks to multiple menus:

//Clear all the controls with field GuiGroup setted to AllDatablocksMenu

%i = 0;
foreach(%data in DatablockSet){

//Call add action for all GuiControls with GuiGroup AllDatablocksMenu

doGuiGroupAction("AllDatablocksMenu","setSelected(\""@%i @"\")"); 


I'm wondering if there's a built-in way to do something similar with T3D. I'd prefer to not use a custom field (guiGroup in this case) so it can be set easily in the Editor. If not, I will simply re-add the guiGroup field to my code.

Anyway, the system work quite good and can be very usefull in some case. For examples, I used it in Boost! to hide all the admin related GuiControls for non-admin, instead of having to keep track of all those, I simply set the guiGroup to "AdminControl" and then "doGuiGroupAction("AdminControls","setVisible(false)");

If you want to have a try, here's the script. It will be part of a Collection of Scripts helpers I'm planning to release once it have been cleaned.

// Called each time a GuiControl is Added
function GuiControl::onAdd	(%this) {
   //Check if there's a GuiGroup set and add ctrl to it if exist
   if (%this.guiGroup !$= "" ) 

// Add a GuiControl to it's GuiGroup SimSet
function addCtrlToGuiGroup(%ctrl) {    
   //Leave if invalid object
   if (!isObject(%ctrl)) return;

   %group = $GuiGroup_[%ctrl.guiGroup];
   if (!isObject(%group)) {
       %group = newSimSet("GuiGroup_"@%ctrl.guiGroup,$Group_GuiGroup);
   else if (%group.getObjectIndex(%ctrl) >= 0){     
      echo("Object:" SPC %ctrl.getName() SPC "is already in the group:" SPC %ctrl.guiGroup);


// Call up to 10 actions on all GuiControl in a GuiGroup (Don't add trailing ;)
function doGuiGroupAction(%groupType,%act1,%act2,%act3,%act4,%act5,%act6,%act7,%act8,%act9,%act10)
   %group = $GuiGroup_[%groupType];
   if (!isObject(%group)) {      
       echo("Try to call a GuiGroup action on invalid group:" SPC %groupType);
   foreach(%ctrl in %group) {
       %id = 1;
       while (%act[%id] !$="") {
   return true;

I'm still planning to enhance the call actions system but I'd like to know if any of you have better solution to do something similar.

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