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Debris Info In ShapeBase.cpp Could Do With Being Updated For BlowUp() Function


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So, I've been playing around with explosions, player.blowUp(), etc and noticed the info in InitPersistant fields is a bit ... out of date and not very helpful.

Here's what it says:

   addGroup( "Destruction", "Parameters related to the destruction effects of this object." );

      addField( "explosion", TYPEID< ExplosionData >(), Offset(explosion, ShapeBaseData),
         "%Explosion to generate when this shape is blown up." );
      addField( "underwaterExplosion", TYPEID< ExplosionData >(), Offset(underwaterExplosion, ShapeBaseData),
         "%Explosion to generate when this shape is blown up underwater." );
      addField( "debris", TYPEID< DebrisData >(), Offset(debris, ShapeBaseData),
         "%Debris to generate when this shape is blown up." );
      addField( "renderWhenDestroyed", TypeBool, Offset(renderWhenDestroyed, ShapeBaseData),
         "Whether to render the shape when it is in the \"Destroyed\" damage state." );
      addField( "debrisShapeName", TypeShapeFilename, Offset(debrisShapeName, ShapeBaseData),
         "The DTS or DAE model to use for auto-generated breakups. @note may not be functional." );

   endGroup( "Destruction" );

And we should be looking at "debris" line ~607-608 and "debrisShapeName" line ~611-612. "@note may not be functional." is the clue here as auto-generated breakups are a thing of the past. What actually happens is your debris model is a collection of mesh objects (with LODs) which are each centred on origin (or else they spin weird because origin is the spin point).

"debrisShapeName" the dae/dts file that you have debris mesh objects in.

"debris" needs to point to a datablock of "debrisData" to derive velcoity, spin, particles and other data from for "debrisShapeName" - NOTE: if this datablock has a shapefile mentioned then it will override the "debrisShapeName". HOWEVER: if there is no "debrisShapeFile" then NOTHING WILL SPAWN regardless of whether "debrisData" has a shapeFile. And without "debris" pointing to a "debrisData" nothing will spawn because no number of debris has been set.


So, maybe change "debris" info (line ~608) to say something like:


"%Debris datablock to generate debris data. ShapeFile will override debrisShapeName.");

And "debrisShapeName" info (line ~ 612) to say something like:


The DTS or DAE model to use for debris. Must be set regardless of debrisData's shapeFile setting.");

Anyhow, just muh thoughts in clearing up the outdated info.

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