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tscript Why did this get changed?


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So.. I've been around for years.  Fell off the wagon and was working with (or trying to ) use UE4.  Came back to look at the new changes, was impressed with changelogs so I gave in and grabbed the latest source.  What is this dang tscript file names?  Why break it so bad? Are you planning to remove the torsion compiler access? I have hunted through most of the release builds and cannot find why the script filename was changed to tscript?  Why break such a simple but very useful tool? And the only way I can see to fix this is to manually recompile my (originally paid for) version of torsion!

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  • SteeleDriver changed the title to tscript Why did this get changed?

The evil Unity empire send moles inside our development team to foster as many stupid design decissions as possible into the engine to once and for all destroy the greatest open source game engine of all time, I was trying to stop them years ago, but nobody listened to me, it gets worse over time, we really need more people like you to fight the good fight.

I have not seen this latest atrocity with the ridiculous ".tscript" change, but now as I see it it makes me quite sad, I mean it is a change with no practical value, it just destroys something that has worked fine since forver and just breaks a lot of backwards compatibility and on top of it, it is a stupid filename ending, changing it from "cs" into "ts" would have been logical. Filename endings should be 2 or 3 characters, 4 at max.

The nonexistent steering committee will probably tell you that it is all fine and they will just reprogram all of torsion and all of the debugging code as well, just to make up for this stupid decission, no problem with that, it will only add a few years more development time until you will be able to use it, just wait until 2025.

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Ah yes, the great conspiracy of the evil shadow organization running Torque3D, also known as the few meaningfully contributing developers.

@SteeleDriver it’s mainly about not messing up syntax editors. It’s annoying having to deal with syntax highlighting for TorqueScript in visual studio code. There were also a great deal of confusion in regards to marketing, since it would show in GitHub as a C# project.

 Other options that were aired at the time was “.ts” and “.tcs”. ts is typescript it had similar issues to “.cs”

 You can change it back though! There’s a CMake option called TORQUE_SCRIPT_EXTENSION there might still be a few quirks that are still getting worked on, in regards to renaming the files though

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Also for what it's worth, you can just add the extension to Torsion and it'll work fine. I still use it.

I'm sorting out some bugs with a PR to make the generated torsion project file play nice, but in the meantime if you go Tools > Preferences and edit the Script Extensions field, you can add tscript in there.

Then right click on the project in the explorer tree, open it's properties and add tscript to the 'script scanner extensions'(and if it hasn't already been swapped, change the main.cs to main.tscript)

You do that, and torsion'll continue to work fine with the extension swap.

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So to answer the question in a way that lets ya keep going if you want: tscript is there so it doesn't conflict with the .cs c# extension since that is in the process of being added, and we now allow modules to include source files that get compiled in with a second cmake run after running the install sub-project once to shove those in place in the <project>/data/ directory. (not to mention we kept running into new users that were confused why their .cs files weren't compiling)

in keeping with that, one of the things done was to alter exec (and the new queueExec for multi-module interop processing) so that it no longer needs to take explicit extensions, but will bolt on the desired extension. (it'll still take one, but the example set https://github.com/Torque3DResources/FPSGameplay for instance already dropped it so things play nice script-side regardless of extension picked. Though you would have to batch rename the files if you really, really wanted your own personalized extension)


Of note: https://github.com/TorqueGameEngines/Torque3D/pull/477


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I like tcs slightly better, maybe also tsc, but I just realize tscript may be the better option, since it will help lesser intelligent people understand that it is a script file because it is named "script" kind of genius if you think about it.

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