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Need help to get a project finished!

its called now, VERTICAL GRIP, its just a Action based climbing game, in where can up to 8 player climb against some mountains, one mode is not based of time (big mountains), and another is based on time, (little Mountains), then there is weather system, rain aso. also a "Deathmatch" climbing mode, in where little stones or big stones falling from the top of the mountains, and the goal is to be the first on top of the mountains, without any damage or a bit of

weather system should have influences of the climber, like a snow wind, that cools down youre character, so you are slower in climbing. such things

i cant, code or script, the only thing i can do is write some stuff for documentaton and 3d Modelling, but not good in character modelling.

i can make some textures, but non pbr based, but hope that it comes to Torque3d.


if the game was ready/ finished:

i want to get it on Steam Greenlight

to sell it later on!

maybe for 10 bucks or so, i do not know!

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