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Visitors: First Contact can now be wishlisted on Steam!


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Great news!

After many years of development, the game will finally be available on Steam, on July 22nd, 2021 in Early Access!

You can now wishlist it on Steam here!

More info, images and videos on visitorsthegame.com and on the Forums.

Join on Discord https://discord.gg/7wP8GSkK, follow on twitter @lo_Jester and on facebook here.

Thank you for wish-listing and purchasing the game in advance!


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Good luck, but consider times are hard on Steam now, so the release phase is important. A little idea from me would be to advance the release onto the begin of the Steam Sale which starts at June 23th according to whenisthenextsteamsale.com maybe that will help with visibility a bit, but I don't really know for sure.

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It is not worrying, my idea behind is that you release on a Steam sale when more people visit the store and ideally give some discount so it shows up on the sale. I just wanted to notify you on the upcomming Steam sale, because you may want to reschedule your release to either starting at the Steam sale or to some other date. I cannot give you a guarantee on anything, I'm just guessing. Early Access or not does not matter that much, it is probably an advantage since you get some visibility on Early Access launch and maybe on full Release later on as well. Better do some research yourself into that topic as well, when and how to release your game the best way, the release is crucial.

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