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It is not currently built into the engine, because the stock physics plugins do not include joints. There's nothing going on in that direction in bullet yet, to the best of my knowledge, but I took over Timmy's Physx3 project a while ago and added joints and ragdolls (though my ragdolls still need more work in terms of fine tuning joints, they are currently very unstable.

That build can be found here (engine code):


And the game directory for it with a precompiled binary is here, if you just want to play with it:


If you're attached to using bullet instead of physx, it should not be all that difficult to get the joints working in bullet, since the only work you should have to do is in the bullet plugin itself, and the rest of my work in the PhysicsShape and PhysicsJoint classes should be plugin-agnostic.

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Ah. Not too surprising, getting them to work but only at (0,0,0) is a recognizable halfway point for ragdoll development. :-) If you're up for digging into the code then check out my physx3 branch, it should be able to help.

Otherwise, I'll be getting back to my own ragdolls at some point here. I'd be interested in trying them using a bullet build as well but that might take quite a bit longer for me to get around to.

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