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No official Twitter channel?


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I'm an indie game and software developer who's been following the progress of Torque3D for quite a while since it went open source. I really like the layout of the new website and forums; they're very clean and well organized. I have a question regarding your marketing of this game engine.

Social media can be a good way to attract potential code contributors and also donators (when donations are applicable). Is there a reason there is not an official Twitter channel set up for the new Torque3D social network (website and forums) yet? I'm aware of the GarageGames channel, but the last post there was in September of 2013.

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We do have a slightly active tag, but I think the real reason is that few of the members of our community are really active on Twitter. We're well aware on the SC that our communication is pretty poor, so I'm hoping to improve that in the future - I'll keep in mind that twitter is a possible avenue to pursue.

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That is Garage Games Twitter profile. Garage Games are no longer in the game engine business and as such they are using their manpower on other projects. Hence not our Torque 3D engine.

Torque 3D needs its own Twitter profile where The Steering Community can communicate out to the developers when new releases are seen.

Users can then also retweet that info to its followers and their indie developer lists. The awareness of Torque 3D MIT is then spread among many with each new release.

This site should have a follow us Twitter button in the top somewhere.

If no one volunteer then I have no problem with making some Torque 3D Twitter Profile and send a release note every time T3D sees a new release. It should take no more than a minute at most. Tag it with some hashtags called Game Development, Open Source and Torque 3D etc. would be needed as well :)

Here you go all set up:

If the Steering Community want I can send username and password so they can login and send release notes etc.

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