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Torque 3D 3.6.3 released


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Yes, it's finally here! Despite our goal being to make these little releases happen more often, this one took a good couple of months. I'm happy to blame Christmas for at least one of those months - everyone going on holidays and so on. We also wanted to get a decent number of fixes into the release, instead of pushing an update with little content - though I think that ended up being a quixotic cause, and in hindsight we probably should have kicked a version out the door sooner!

Either way, 3.6.3 is here and it contains all the minor fixes and tweaks you are growing to know and love from these mini releases... right? The full release notes are on the wiki as usual, and binaries can be downloaded from the downloads page.


Version 3.7 freeze and pre-release


3.7 is shaping up to be a pretty significant release - the biggest additions being, of course, James U's console function refactor, the addition of an OpenGL rendering layer, and on top of this, Linux client support! But, in order to make 3.7 happen, we need your help!

We've 'frozen' the 3.7 milestone, and have moved all the new features and miscellaneous other issues and pull requests back to version 3.8, in order to focus on bugfixes for 3.7. There are already two pages of those, and we're sure there will be more. We want to get as many people as possible to stand on the engine and jump up and down so we can find out where it creaks, and deliver you the stablest possible release.

This isn't just limited to people who want to use OpenGL or Linux - even if you're just doing plain old DX9 like you always have, we want to make sure we haven't broken anything for you! (Spoilers: we have. It's a known issue and we're working on it.)

So what can you do? We're soon going to add a tag and provide a pre-release binary download for you to play around with. This will probably involve distributing Windows and hopefully Ubuntu binaries, along with the new version of the Project Manager. Running those would be a big help, but even better would be trying to merge the development branch into your own game and letting us know if it causes problems. A lot has been touched, and even if we can't guarantee you won't have a little bit of merging to do, we'd at least like to know where the pain points are to we can make them very clear and obvious to people.


Project Manager 2.2


In other news, the next version of the Project Manager is also available for pre-release testing. I don't anticipate any major issues, but it'd be nice to have someone test it aside from me and Steve. You can download the pre-release binary here, because ain't nobody got time to compile it from source.


This ain't over


You'll be hearing from the SC again soon! Mark my words!

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