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Is version 4 of the torque still to come?



I used version 3.10.1 on linux and liked it.
I believe in the torque3d engine. It's actually lighter and easier than many out there. Decide to do my project with him but
while I fiddled with the editor it just closed.

I'm on elementary linux.

I saw that it has network support and this is something even better I also saw that there is even mmo created with this engine. but after this event I was left behind. Maybe some configuration or library is missing. Maybe my linux version is not compatible with the engine.

I don't know why but if someone can help me!
I also want to know if the update to version 4 is closer I saw that since 2018 it doesn't exist but updates I don't know if I understand wrong.

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Yes, 4.0 is on its way! It’s scheduled to release in *checks notes* 2018..

 well it will release soon(tm)

 you can join the Discord if you want to get a quick introduction, but 4.0 is fairly stable it just suffered from a bit of scope creep.

4.0 is the branch you hit when you go to the main GitHub:


there’s a binary somewhere if you need it prebuilt


Edit: marked this as best answer, it seems like it answered the question.

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I guess we could ignore the fact that the level of manpower is low.
I guess we could ignore the fact that the past 2 years have been biblical end times level BS.

once we have done that we can rag on the people who sacrifice time and energy and even money to work on the engine.

yeah, that seems the modern way to do things 🙂

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