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I went through the FPS tutorial by GarageGames but i wasn't able to find any docs on enemy AI. I wanted something very simple: a zombie that follows the player and melee attacks him. Do i have to generate a navmesh, like in Unity, or is it pure, using A*? Is there something built into the engine for this?

Also, how do i make the AI networked? So another player in the server can also kill him.

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Start with the RTS Prototype - that'll get you making AIPlayer objects that you can control. http://www.roostertailgames.com/TorqueRef/content/documentation/Scripting/Advanced/RTSPrototype.html

Also, look at the AI Tutorial scripts : https://github.com/RichardRanft/AITutorial - they'll show you one way to make your units think, attack, work in teams, and communicate.

Recast/Detour is built into T3D - so you have a nav-mesh available if you need smarter pathfinding. The way the tutorials are set up the units will run into stuff and get stuck sometimes, but if you generate a nav-mesh and use it to generate paths, then tell the units to follow those paths, you'll be good to go.

AIPlayer is networked automatically - you create the unit on the server and everyone sees it. It's magic (unless you really want to spend some time reading networking code....).

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