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texture doesn't load


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What happened to the road texture.
I create a road texture in Constructor    (see photo labeled  Constructor)
I export to .map files using both legacy and regular .dif files.
I place both the the .dif file and the textures in the same folder.
As the console.log indicates,  all textures are loaded properly.
Yet they do not show up in the Torque project.  (see photo labeled Torquedemo)


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maybe because the images are in the wrong place . for me I had put them in the structure
folder . I guess TGE looks for map textures there .  

your post rung a bell and I went back and
looked at it . I believe my issue may have been texture location .

one of my old tge folders looks like this .
                            --/docks , /hovels , etc //the TGE MAPS/DIFS
                            --             /myBldg001 , 002 , etc  //this is myStuff root
                            --                                     //and subfolders
                            --/imagesFiles //All images for all maps in the other folders
                                           //are placed here in control/data/structures


so , reguardless of where i put my maps.difs , the textures had to be in the structures folder . If it seems crazy , go figure . really been a while .

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