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[PAID] Needed DirectX Controller Support replaced with Steam Controller Support


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The first thing to tell you about the project is that the game you will be working on is an adult action / adventure game, so this job will require seeing our cartoon-style full-nude sex scenes, adult humor, other adult content, and the use of drugs as "magic". We understand if any of this is a problem for you and in that case, this isn't the job for you.


If it's not a problem, next, the process of making the changes will involve you getting our SDK from GitHub, so you will need a GitHub account. You are also going to need access to a Xbox controller or Playstation 5 controller to test if the codes works.


A breakdown of what you will be doing follows:


We are using the Torque Game Engine and right now we are handling all of the controller stuff with a combination of our game engine and DirectX 9 input calls. So we are using our engine to set up the default button configuration of the controller, and any changes the player makes to this mapping, and then DirectX 9 calls to know when the controller is being used and when buttons are being pressed.


What we want to change:

We now want the game to ask Steam for the default button configuration. We still want this mapping to be viewed and changed within our game (like it is now), but the actual collecting of the controller figuration and saving any changes will be done through Steam. Steam input calls will also now be handling the calls where we know if the controller is being used and when buttons are being pressed.


Communication is very important to us, so please don't hesitate to tell us a little more about yourself and why you might be right for this job. Have you ever worked with controller inputs before, in either DirectX or Steam? What questions can we answer for you?


If you are still interested, we'll be interested in hearing from you.  So, PM us or just comment on this thread.


Thanks for your time,



D-Dub Software

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