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Integrating AFX with 3.7 RC - Are MaskBits still maxed out?


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I am trying yet another merge, in case I messed it up the first time, of trying to get Jeff Faust's latest 3.6.3-compatible AFX into T3D 3.7 RC.

As I mentioned, I did this already, but the compiled .exe I got at the end of it was less solid than I would have hoped.

It is possible I missed something or got mixed up while merging the codebases together, as I was also integrating my own custom code at the same time. So I am giving it another shot, from scratch, doing just the AFX->T3D3.7 merge as a start.

Question is, Jeff mentions that he had to borrow a mask from AITurretShape, because all available mask bits are taken. That is all well and good, I don't use the AITurrets at the moment, but we also need two more additional bits on top of that. One for PathShape and one for dynamic player agility settings (per-player mass/jump height/speed). I remember this being an issue before, but I removed Invincibility and Shield masks at the time which freed up what we needed.

But now I am confused because Jeff's comments in his latest code still include that bit about needing to borrow a mask because they are maxed out.

What is the verdict on masks? Are all 32 bits spoken for, meaning we need to have Jeff's fix in there (in which case how would I integrate my extra bits?), or is there room to add a couple of masks? I thought that Shield and Invincibility had been removed in recent versions, so wouldn't that free up some bits for people to use?



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No, that PR from a bit back buys us 2 bits (3 if you count invisibility, but that's a personal kill-off on a private copy.). Though depending on what all *else* you've got rolled in, it's not the worst idea on the planet to keep the workaround.

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