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better Texture Resolution?!


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I saw, a lot of videos and i want to know, if there is any chance to have 3d texures and a higher txture resolution?

Otherwise, would be nice to have more Textures to use, like in other games , too!

Three of them are the default ones, like Difused, Normal/bump and Specular, i dont know if displacement, occlusion mapping ones, working fine in or is supported!

PBR/PBS maybe should work also in a DX 9 rendereing path, but im not sure!

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This system supports pretty large textures, I believe up to 2048x2048 if I recall. You want better resolution, get to work! :lol:

Just a few links to stuff people are doing with "plain ol' T3D":




And these are really old.

If you got the skillz to pay the billz you can make it look good.

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4096 does work also I think but you don't really need that large textures, 512x512 will be enough in most cases, the big ones are just for skins for a whole model like a character or a building, the texture size is always relative to what size it covers in-game, search for terms like pixel density etc.

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