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TF2 shader


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Has anyone attempted something similar to this? http://wiki.unity3d.com/index.php/TeamFortress2Shader

How easy to edit are T3D shaders? Are they GLSL?


If you're using D3D, they're HLSL, if you're using OpenGL, they're GLSL.

As for utilizing the shaders themselves you would write a CustomMaterial that points to the shader files in question. Then in your models and the like just utilize the custom material.

For examples of CustomMaterials, you can look at the water classes or similar. They use specific materials and shaders just for them.

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For custom materials, no.

You would just have a HLSL and GLSL. If you're attempting to do specifically optimized shaders for certain platforms/configurations, it'd be up to you to have the different fallbacks set up.

Unless you're trying to target mobile or whatnot though, one well written shader should work on most platforms without needing to hyper-optimize everything.

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