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Uebergame Show Off Thread!


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Modeled some flags with fitting flag stands, since I plan to have some game-modes like capture the flag etc. Skinned in all basic colors and animated.

Any ideas for logos on the flags?

I could not decide for some logo, did not want to use the Torque logo since it is copyrighted and such, but maybe they are better without any logos. Only idea I would have is skull and bones for the black one.

You can also see a bit from the new coming level there.

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The new graphics options menu.

It has a new quality level called "highest", it increases the graphics a bit more, for those with good graphics cards.

There are working postFX settings now, where you can turn on and off individual postFX systems.

The decals lifetime selector is a new feature, you can chose how long the decals stay inside the game.

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