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t3d-bones: multiplayer?


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Not for t3d-bones. The entire point of that template is to be extremely barebones - purely core and loading functionality, nothing else.

The template you'd want for an example of a multiplayer environment is the Full template, which implements a basic deathmatch gamemode, with weapons and the like.

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Yeeeeeahhh I was working on that. It needs finishing up. It works, just isn't very user-friendly. Then I kept getting distracted and trying to split everything into modules.

Essentially, I think you should look at the 'dedicated' branch, particularly the client_server tutorial. I think at the moment it'll work if you run the main.cs file in there, running one instance with a 'server' argument and one with a 'client' argument. If you're okay reading source code you should be able to read the 'client.cs' and 'server.cs' files pretty easily. Let me know if you need anything explained!

The tutorial has the basics, but isn't finished.

I should probably finish this branch and merge it to master.

There are lots of things I should probably do...

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