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In-model HUD?


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Yes, render to texture is possible but not in stock - I've seen at least two different working examples but I don't have time right this moment to search. I suggest googling "torque 3d render to texture" and see what hits you get - I know there were items in the garage games Resources section somewhere and google is better than the old gg forum search.

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this can be done with the guionobject

and not just that, by combining guionobject with fxguisnooper you get security cameras and rtt scopes

the stuff needed for rtt cam/scopes would be this


and regarding in model hud, you can read about it in the guionobject thread


i assume you would want to display the actual ammo of the weapon in the gui that is being rendered on the gun itself, thats doable.

check out Azazezel`s guionobect branch on github


gl and share how it went.

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