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Reporting crashes


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I would like to bump this thread and hear a little more about the steering committee on how to help them properly as far as reporting crashes go. I've been having lot's of crashes when working with terrain and terrain materials in 3.8. How can i provide decent information for you guys?

A console.log? Should i build a DEBUG version? Is there a specific report that i can send?

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We don't have a form, if that's what you mean, but creating a thread here or an issue on the github page'll work.

As for the information, if you can do a video or the like, that's provide a lot of information, but really all we need are the steps to reproduce the problem. Anything beyond that just makes things easier.

And yeah, if you compile the engine as debug, that tends to give you a bit more information as to whats going wrong, so it's usually a good idea to do that when you're noting issues.

A console.log is always help, too.

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