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What about Resources? Here's my idea:

Resources (top-level) forum:

Lock-out creating threads in this forum, however have it in a mode to display everything in it's subforums, and instead have users post resources in the following subforums. Ideally treated as categories:

  • Content

    Assets and other content related resources.
  • C++

    Engine/C++ side resources or modifications if you will.
  • TorqueScript

    Scripting side resources.
  • Tools

    Software tools resources like asset generators, editors, or even possibly tutorials on using a software program.

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Well, I agree that we should have resources, I'm just not sure exactly how to do it yet, because there are 2 kinds of resources:

Tutorials "Here's how you do it"

Actual resources "I did this, see if you can get it working too!"

I.e. levels of hand-holding. I still need to figure out how to support that in a nice way :P

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That would complicate searching if somebody just wishes to search under resources forums instead of the entire Torque 3D forum.

I think "Torque 3D" category should be renamed to "Development" and just recreate the forums in "Development" for Resources (& Tutorials?) category minus Beginner forum.

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It just seems odd to have 2 parent forums for effectively the same categories.

Like engine development has 2 homes and scripting has 2 homes etc. Also searching can be done specifically on selected subforums, so you could search under just "engine/resources" and "scripting/resources" if you wanted to.

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