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"bounds" should be rigged to character?


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The bounding box should be large enough so that any animations don't extend out of its boundaries. Like if you had a character that did a jump animation which actually adjusted its position on the 'z' axis upwards, you would want the bounding box to be taller than the character so that the player fit even at the highest point in the jump. That all being said, though, it's a better idea to just make the jump 'look' like a jump but leave the character in one position and apply impulse in Torque for the actual jump. This prevents issues that can arise with too big of bounding boxes.

To answer your direct question, though, nah the bounding box should just be hanging out in the model. Here's a tried and true example of how to set up the nodes:


|_° Bip01

| |_ • CharacterModel


|_ • Bounds

To be honest, though, if it's a player that will be controlled by the client I'd recommend to just leave the bounds box alone in the actual art and just set the dimensions for the bounds box in the player's datablock.

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I've often wondered this myself, I guess one of the issues with resizing the bounding box during animation is that you could move the box into the ground during animation, which could cause gameplay issues.

Also, yeah you need a bounding box or else it will cause problems. You should always have one too, even if you want to define it in script as you might want to place your object in the scene as a static mesh.

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i know this is a really old thread, but every object in a 3d world has a bounds hitboxes would be within those bounds. there is a hitbox resource somewhere ported from GMK that u can use.

What would be a nice feature would be dynamic bounds that resize themselves due to the outline of the object or something

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Doesn't Torque automatically generate bounding boxes anyway? Since in most cases I just ignore to make bounding boxes and everything still works fine.

Yes, however it should be noted that this is done based on calculating the minmax for the verts on the First Frame of a base animation, so if at any point that's exceeded, you'll still need a larger one.

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