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trouble opening my game


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I installed the 3.7 windows 32 precompiled version and the pre-compiled version 2.2 of project manager. It creates the project but doesn't make the exe. in the my projects folder. Same for other versions i installed. Do i need a third thing to install?

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It did not create the exe file anywhere.


created a folder on desk top called torque3.

unzipped the 3.7 win 32 into that.

unzipped 2.2 project manager in to the 3.7 win folder

create new project in project manager.

creates the project in my project.

No exe to be found anywhere.

thanks for looking at this Duion

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I'm just not sure if I did it right, especially with collisions not working right in the Pacific Demo. (it won't let me into the cave) Though that could be because I'm using Bullet instead of PhysX. Is there any known issues with using Visual Studio "Community 2013" with Torque3D's 2012 files and letting it "upgrade" the libraries before compiling?

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