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I am below beginner am trying to learn though. this might be a stupid question, but i'll ask any way I got torque 3 game working is after un-toggled read only on card profiles.cs. the thing is I had to create my own profile. here is the script:

// nVidia Vendor Profile Script


// This script is responsible for setting global

// capability strings based on the nVidia vendor.

if(GFXCardProfiler::getVersion() < 5330)


$GFX::OutdatedDrivers = true;

$GFX::OutdatedDriversLink = "You can get newer drivers here..";




$GFX::OutdatedDrivers = false;


the [getVersion() < 5330)] does this matter? the torque Initializing shows:

--------- Initializing GFXCardProfiler (D3D9) ---------

Vendor : 'NVIDIA'

Card : 'GeForce GT 740'

Version: '53.30'<----------------( 53.30 need to know if my attempt is correct? the actual version number that NVidia uses is & 3.5330 for short.

the torque Initializing shows 53.30.. what is the correct value for (GFXCardProfiler::getVersion() < ???). the profile I made works, but I want to get it right for others that have this problem.

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