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Torque3d.net! Pssh seriously that place?!


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Hello everyone!! I'm excited that the torque family has found a better home! I was hosting Torque3d.net, unless someone else has plans for it, I can either let the domain expire/sell it or let someone else put their name to it. I don't think it'd be very good of me to leave it dormant and suck away traffic... Please let me know what your thoughts/ideas are for it.

Please note... If it is simply to redirect I will sell the domain/just let it expire lol... not up to paying $15+ a year for nothing...

Again I'm happy for you all and excited you found a place of your own! If you need anything please don't hesitate to ask!

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So, I kept meaning to reply to your email... :oops:

I wasn't around when this was set up, and I want to clearly state why I've been more involved here compared to t3d.net. I don't want to cause any offence! Basically, people have jumped aboard. I tried to post a few times over there, but there weren't really other topics. Lukas has also been very present and responsive at setting up the forum software so that the community feels an obvious benefit to transferring over. Obviously we were super grateful for the .net hosting, but what those forums really needed was a developer who could implement features, I think.

Anyway, we'll see how this new home goes. The .net is basically yours to do with as you see fit. I'll start a discussion within the SC whether we make you an offer for it - I do think a redirect would be the most pertinent solution.

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Ah that is fine.

Look I'm not offended that it didn't take, I offered and no one jumped at it. It lasted a little while but didn't solve all the issues. I'm a supporting kinda guy and I want to see torque3d survive, thrive, and dominate the planet *my secret plan muahaha*. Rather it happens here or there, or on reddit is not my concern :P. So tell me what y'all want to do with it, I'm open to anything but I'm not going to keep renewing it as a re-direct... seems pointless.

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