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Project Hosting Questions


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ive been going round in circles for a few weeks now trying to figure out the best way to host my project FreeRPG and i have a few questions regarding the issue, first a little info about what im wanting to achieve, i want to create an RPG that people can play and then either simply "mod" it or use it as a base for their own RPG creation, this is how i have things set up right now


i have included the whole engine with my project (excluding buildfiles and a few other things) so if anyone wants to help they can just build from my latest commit, is that the right way to do it ?

would i be any better hosting the engine and then creating and updating a template from my project instead of including the project in the repo ? this way they can use the game/template to get any source modifications for their own project and torque can remain unchanged from upstream (i think, correct me if im wrong) and then when i have a "release" i could have a seperate repo just for the released version of the game

also, whoever mentioned Sourcetree in IRC i cant thank you enough, makes git a lot easier to use, someone also mentioned submodules but i confused myself when i was trying to figure it all out, is that a better option than the others above ?

does any of that make sense ? am i going in the wrong direction ? can anyone offer any help/advice ?


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My advice:

1.Ignore the engine repository for the first, since if you have problems with these simple steps you probably won't do engine development soon.

2.Sort out your art and only use what is really needed and convert png textures to dds, will save you some space, you can also leave out the .dae collada files of the models, if you think they will not be changed later, the source files of the art are significantly bigger than the compiled dts.

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thanks for the advice, especially the art, altho i would appreciate if someone could still explain this to me as i would like to get the project set up correctly

EDIT: i have set up a new repo to test out my 2nd idea from original post, here is the link for anyone that wants to help/look https://gitlab.com/FreeRPG/FreeRPG-Torque3D/tree/freerpgdev

i think this may work as long as i keep my template updated and im smart enough with the gitignore file

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I'd host the art in Dropbox, and the engine source code (because you'll probably need custom engine changes at some point) in a GitHub fork of the main repo. The scripts shuold also be a git repo, but you can have them in DropBox as well. Then what I'd do is compile the engine and copy the binaries into DropBox to share them. I wouldn't put the engine directory itself in DropBox, though you could do that if you wanted.

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im not amazingly keen on seperating the art if possible, its part of the reason i chose gitlab with 10gb per repo

is the reason for splitting the art due to git and how it handles binary files ? i have read quite a few conflicting articles on it and from my small un-scientific test when i defined the art as binary in the git attributes file it didnt seem to slow git down too much like it does when they werent defined

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