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Question about Torque2D 3.5/4.0


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I know the forum is ... quiet. If anyone is still keeping an eye on it, I'm evaluating engines to port a game for a *very* resource-constrained platform, and T2D seems to be just about the best fit with the best code base and people I've found so far.

4.0 just came out, but the sandbox seems to be almost twice as heavy as 3.5. Do you think it would be objectively better to work on slimming down 3.5 to accomodate, or waiting a bit and then slimming down 4.0 - or just giving it a pass and making yet another SDL engine.

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Sorry for not replying sooner, 


Really i would wait until the merge is done. There will be more tools available and shaders are going to be in the pipeline as well. I know its taking a bit of time to get it done but that will inevitably be a better option for all concerned. It will have the ability to build on its own as well without the 3d end of things getting in the way. And also will have networking ability and editors and so much stuff i can't even remember half of what is implemented 😄 lol but it will hopefully have everything you will need 🙂

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