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OS Integration & game templates of more former commercial plugins?


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Seems like a lot of the neat new features in each release come from authors graciously donating their former commercial plugins under the MIT license (Thanks!)... so maybe we can actively approach some more and see if the code & assets can be liberated also?

For example the DRIVE: Advanced Vehicle Kit seems long dead commercially speaking:


But could be a very nice addition to the current MIT release. Does anyone still know the original Author, or is he/she maybe still active in this forums? The contact Email seems to be: medan121 at gmail dot com.

Any other ideas?

Nice could be also to integrate various more game templates for people to touch the ground running so to speak:

This for example: https://www.garagegames.com/community/resources/view/22447 is already Torque3D MIT compatible and open source

Maybe there is also a RTS template that could be liberated, a racing game template could be done with the above, a Flight/space flight template would be cool, a 3rd person RPG template etc.

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This would also be awesome:


(Edit: http://sundog-soft.com/sds/2015/06/torque-3d-triton-ocean-integration-updated/ ok not so "abandoned" yet... well still an awesome system it seems).

And maybe some of the things showcased here:


(especially some additional build in water effects would be cool).

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