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A working Save Game System

michael roberts 13

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Hey Everyone Michael here and i have another question to ask.Is there a way to create a working save game system in torque 3D ?

And by save game system i mean being able to create a profile stored in code,save a game at any point and resume it later. I'm sure if this can be implemented i just don't know how but hopefully you know more about this subject.

Thanks in advance,

Michael Roberts

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Your first link is a good place to start, but there can't really be a stock "save my game state" function in Torque, because it is entirely dependent on the specifics of your game.

Steve definitely starts you in the right direction with saving the player's current inventory, but you'll also probably want to track your player's status through the current level, ie current position, which enemies have been killed, which doors opened, etc. but there's no way at the engine level to know what information is going to be important for your particular game.

One useful thing to know about in terms of saving a persistent game state is SQL and sqlite. You can easily create an sqlite database and connect to it from Torque, and add whatever game related information you want to it at any time. There's a long standing sqlite resource for Torque, written by John Vanderbeck and Kevin Mitchell, which I have on github at:


(if that link doesn't work for you just go to github.com/ChrisCalef/Torque3D and select the sqlite branch)

You can also save information about your game in text files or many other formats, but personally I'd recommend getting to know SQL if you don't know it already, it's a very handy thing. :-)

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