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projectile & packUpdate/unpackUpdate


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Well, it's important to keep in mind that packupdate/unpackupdate is the server telling the client that 'something has changed' and the client needs to update it's simulation of what's been going on. So with that in mind, assuming that the projectile is alive long enough for server->client ping time to even register a tertiary packet, then that brings us to the masking system:
represents the 'something has changed' outside of the client sim it needs to take into account. hence the new packet. 
So for each changing event you'll want to either add a new mask (not advised as a general rule, since that's a 32 bit array of booleans, though looking at projectile in particular it's only using 9, so doable) or injecting code into one of the already exposed filters along the inheritance chain. Either way you'll use setMaskBits(ThatEnumFilter) whenever such an event kicks off to notify the networking that it needs to send along a correction.

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