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anyone go a working xp system?


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I think that the idea is not that hard to implement using torque scrypt,

From the top of my head you just need to add some value to every action in the game. Then use some exponential function, so you don't have linear level-up, to compare the sum of all the values from all the action to what the exponential function gives you. If the the sum is greater then the value you get from the exponential function, you have level up, if not you just add the xp points until the sum is greater then what the exponential function gives you.

On many games you see that the xp is a great sum of all the action you had made in the games, even after you leveled up.

Update: http://i.imgur.com/XleuXPX.jpg

The A column represent the levels.

The B column represent the amount of xp you need for the level.

The D1 represent the "conversion" factor. The one that gives the "Series1" curve that look.

To get B1 you just do : A1^D1.

Of course you can add some round function so you don't get "8.574188" xp for level 2.

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