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Crash when level load with custom weapon model


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I have an issue with one of my models which cause the game to crash when I set it as a WeaponImage model. I have run it in debug and it crash during: void ColladaAppMesh::getPrimitives(const domGeometry* geometry).

 // Collada uses CCW for front face and Torque uses the opposite, so
// for normal (non-inverted) meshes, the indices are flipped.
if (appNode->invertMeshes)
       dstIndex[v] = itr->value;
        dstIndex[2 - v] = itr->value;  <---Crash on that

After some test I found that it's specific to that model. I guess there's something wrong with it but I can't figure what. I tried to invert the normal but not sure if it's what the invertMeshes check is about. I haven't tried but I guess standard models have the appNode->invertMeshes to true?

For now I have simply decided to use another model but I'd like to find how to fix it, Anyone have an idea about what is happening?

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Well, I managed to fix my model by importing back the exported Collada model into 3ds max. Should have tought about it since the model was working fine as a standard model, even worked as a PlayerData model. I'm wondering why this crash only happen for WeaponImage models...

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